Background about House of wealth

House of Wealth was incorporated as a business development consultancy in May 2017. This was after its founder had garnered a lot of experience working in Africa and Europe, working in the informal and formal sector, working for Private and government institutions in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information technology, Leisure and Hospitality, Education and Wealth creation.

The company provides among its services: Motivational talks, Business Advisory and Trainings on Entrepreneurship, Customer Care, Financial Literacy, Savings and investments.

Our Vision

A Financially Free Uganda

Our Mision

To provide practically tested information, Knowledge, insight, foresight, and wisdom all matters that involve making, growing and keeping money to individuals, households, private corperations and government bodies.

Our Services


We offer all kinds money making and finacial growth Advise to Business and Individuals.

Motivational Talks

We give Business and Personal Growth talks to Individuals, Employees, Business partners.


We train practical Business concepts that change Business and organisations for the better.

Wealth Acquisition

House of wealth helps people acqire different wealth assest like Land, Houses, Property construction.