Business Advisory

Owners of growing companies need clear and informed business advice and support that gives them confidence in the future and allows them to concentrate on achieving their business objectives.

The benefits

Improve Your Perfomance
  • We identify areas of your business that need focus
  • We provide pragmatic solutions tailored to you
Control Your Business
  • We put in place key metrics so you can measure your progress
  • We enhance your reporting

More benefits

Reduce Your Costs
  • We save your team time and money
  • We enhance your reporting
Reduce Your Risk
  • We identify your priority areas of financial risk.
  • We work with you to manage your risks

Our service can include

Start up support

Making your idea become a reality is never easy but with our experience we can remove the financial and administrative obstacles, helping you make the right choices from the off. Our goal is to allow you to focus on getting the business up and running safe in the knowledge that you will have all the information you need at your fingertips to allow you to make decisions. Our team have helped a diverse range of business take their first steps, from pre-school startups to organic fruit exporting companies. By focusing on both your personal and business affairs we provide holistic advance helping you to achieve your aims.

Accounting software & reporting solutions

Whatever the size of your business one of your key decisions is having the right accounting software for both today and tomorrow. Having worked with many different accounting platforms our team can support you to make the right choice depending on the activities of your business and the reporting you require. We work with QuickBooks and various other platforms, both network and cloud based. We constantly monitor the technology market to ensure that you benefit from the fast changing IT environment.

Budgeting and forecasting

In a world that is uncertain it’s important to know what you are expecting to happen financially, either to validate your expectations or react in the event of something unexpected. Our team work in collaboration with you to model what the future could look like and the critical variables that will determine success or a potential change of direction. Our support can be as simple as a sense check of assumptions to the design and building of a multi-entity model; we tailor our approach to support your needs.

FD Services

Not all companies require the services of a full-time Financial Director, although many businesses may have an internal bookkeeper, accountant or financial controller. House of wealth’s experience shows that such companies still require a financial sounding board, together with strategic and business advice usually provided by a Financial Director. We believe such companies will benefit from HOW’s FD on Demand service.

Business health check & review

Are you confident that your finance function is delivering what it should: rapid, relevant and accurate financial information? Using simple diagnostic tools and tried and tested methodologies we can assess whether it is delivering what it should to allow you to run your business. From a simple focus on one area of the process through to an entire finance function review our experts will help streamline, saving you both time and money.