Get a financial Advisor or Advise From An Expert

If you had 'MONEY' yesterday i hope you 'PAID' attention to what Fr. Deogratius of Lubaga said as we prayed for our vocal icon (Rip Radio). The father advised thus: "GET A FINANCIAL ADVISOR". In Luganda we have a saying: Ebiffa ku nyanja bimanyibwa muvubi. Translation : The ways of any water body are known by a sailor/fisherman...if you don't have a sailor to let you know about the winds of a given lake and you sail, it's akin to suicide.

You may have graduated in Law, accounting, HR, audit, engineering, social worker, administration, fashion mention it... You may not even be a graduate but kindly notice how life puts all of us on a journey to search for, make, grow and keep money. You can't escape the money journey...if u are a priest or pastor you need fundraising skills lest the church fails to be plastered or roofed, if you are a doctor only money acquisition skills allow you to buy a new could be a great poet and a superior writer but unless you publish a book and make sales, your family may suffer to access basic needs.

One of the greatest physicists to ever grace this planet, Niels Henrik David Bohr a Nobel Prize winner intimated that you can never find anyone who knows everything about Anything... As such, he changed the definition of an EXPERT for forever.

Mr. Bohr defined an expert as someone who has failed a lot but having gotten up from each failure, he is best placed to tell you how to avoid it or if you were to fall in the ditch how you would come out.
Many of our parents and friends have made numerous attempts to handle money themselves and have gone bust. We write off these failure experts and pursue our dreams without getting any grain of advice from them only to find ourselves in the same ditch.

George Clason in his book, Richest Man in Babylon, gave the world the 3rd Law of Gold/Money: Gold/Money clings to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of MEN WISE IN ITS KEEP.

Have you noticed when we suddenly get money we buy ourselves a car, attempt to build our mothers a nice home and pay school fees for our siblings, nieces and nephews... All these are great but sadly none of them is an investment and because you didn't seek a financial advisor in these money decisions, you acted contrary to the 3rd Law of Gold/Money. For that reason money walks to the high court and files for a divorce...and 99.9% of the time,this divorce is granted and you go back to zero.

Let me guess, your gynaecologist and money lender are on speed dial. Right? You actually want a FINANCIAL ADVISOR on emergency dial.

The writer is a financial advisor/EXPERT at HOUSE OF WEALTH , serial entrepreneur, University lecturer, TV guest on Money topics and lover of Christ.

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